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By: G. J. Fortier

The definition of prophecy is: a prediction

Have you ever had a funny feeling that something just wasn’t right, and that you needed to act in a way that would normally be contrary to your character to deal with it?

Some Marriage Advice… From A Single Guy

By: G. J. Fortier

Marriage. As far as I’m concerned, marriage is an institution that was created by God and it exists solely between one man and one woman. Oh, I’m gonna have the PC police on me now, for sure.

Oh well. I’ve accepted the fact that—unless God has other plans for my career—I’m never gonna be a successful writer (in terms of this world’s standards) because I am anti-PC, and I’m okay with that. I write because I have a God given gift and I intend to use it simply because it makes me happy.

But, I digress.

Let’s talk about “this world’s standards” for a minute.